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Fighting Cancer in Frisco Texas – Join The Team

The last thing we need to do is be silent about cancer. This month, do something memorable and meaningful when you sign up for the Relay For Life Frisco Event right here at Lone Star High School, 2606 Panther Creek Pkwy, Frisco TX. This event celebrates the fight and those fighting all types of cancer.

The Hope Survivor Dinner is on May 6th, so go to the link in this post and get you or the survivors you know connected.

Encouraging each other and celebrating together is incredibly healing.

One team meeting is left on May 22, and registration deadline is 8 AM May 30, so don’t delay. We’re so thrilled to be a local Frisco home health care company! This event is sure to be amazing.

Starting at 6 PM on May 30th, you can be a part of a movement that builds friendships, enlightens the community, and celebrates caregivers as well as the survivors. Contact Ariel Parker at 214-819-1209, or email her at with any questions – but you can sign up right on this page:

Relay For Life Frisco Event Sign Up

What a great opportunity to meet your neighbors and support those around you battling the fight of their lives. Hope to see you there! If you plan on attending, will you post a greeting below? I’d love to meet you.

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