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Occupational Therapy Activities

Learning how to use the body again after surgery or stroke can be challenging. Arthritis sufferers also find it difficult to complete common tasks as they once did. It may be necessary to learn how to do things differently to accomplish ordinary goals that used to come easy.

An occupational therapist works with you to recapture upper body function and strength. Your therapist wants to be sure that recommendations for increased independence and safety are specific to your wants and needs, skills, environment, budget, or other criteria.

Occupational therapy activities include instruction and assistance with new processes for doing regular tasks. When possible, these activities even augment the healing process when conducted at a proper pace for safety and long-term success.

Surgery, for instance, often requires six to eight weeks of recovery. Many changes have to be made in the way daily activities are carried out for proper healing. Equipment has been designed to aid a patient’s ability to bathe, cook and dress, but it may be important to also modify the environment to compensate for other functional limitations. Ultimately, safety during continued improvement can be accomplished with occupational therapy through Ariel Amana Healthcare.

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