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Traveling Physical Therapy – We Come To You

When you need a safe home exercise program, Ariel Amana Healthcare offers traveling physical therapy sessions. Patients often make great progress with in-home assistance, and we come to you.

Physical therapy sessions for back, spinal, and cervical injuries begin by assessing functional strength. Continued measurement of endurance and safety keeps recovery on course while the body heals, offering the best opportunity for improvement.

Other diagnoses such as arthritis, cardiac problems, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and stroke also benefit from the pain management and mobility training that physical therapy treatment offers. Contact us with your questions and concerns, we’re happy to discuss your unique situation.

Ariel Amana Healthcare is dedicated to your safety and education as a caregiver, and as a patient.

Call us today to learn more, 469-200-4471.

We Offer Therapy in These Areas