Ariel Amana Healthcare, Inc.

Post Operative Care

When you get released from an outpatient surgery center or hospital, you get to do most of your healing at home!

It’s not always easy to care for incisions by yourself, and levels of mobility can often interfere with routine hygiene you’re expected to perform. Ariel Amana offers skilled nursing to get you through recovery quickly, and safely.

Post operative care doesn’t end there. Surgeries on bones and joints impairs functional mobility due to post-operative weakness and pain – often requiring physical therapy for optimal results. Overall healing is much faster when this stage of recovery isn’t ignored, and often, it can be. Many people complain years after these surgeries that they wish they had followed the doctor’s orders and exercised through the pain they were experiencing. Let physical therapists from Ariel Amana gently guide you through your routines so you’re up and moving again as soon as possible.

Call 469-200-4471 and speak with us to learn how we can assist you after surgery.

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