Ariel Amana Healthcare, Inc.

Skilled Nursing Services

Ariel Amana’s skilled registered nurses are highly capable of managing your medically necessary assistance.

Skilled nursing services are provided for active treatment of a condition, illness, disease, or injury to avoid serious medical complications.

Count on our reliable nursing staff to teach self-cares to both patient and caregiver, promoting independence and dignity.

Skilled nursing services are provided through a registered nurse who will:

  • Make the initial evaluation visit,
  • Reevaluate needs regularly,
  • Initiate and revise the nursing plan of care,
  • Provide services requiring more specialized nursing care,
  • And prepare clinical notes, informing physicians and others that participate in patient care of any changes that occur.

Depending on the limitations of your insurance, Medicaid or Medicare, skilled nursing may be available for this level of care:

  • Those requiring intravenous and intramuscular injections
  • Patients needing Foley catheter insertions
  • Patients needing observation for complications, pain management, teaching related to skin care (preservation of skin integrity or breakdown) due to preexisting peripheral vascular or circulatory disease
  • Patients who need nursing assessments for proper medication management relating to some issues.

Please call if you have any questions about the level of care that may be necessary for yourself or your loved one. We’re happy help you understand the nuances of skilled nursing services as they relate to your circumstance. Contact 469-200-4471 to learn more.

What Type of Care is Right For Your Situation?