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Speech Therapy Activities

Many caregivers become emotionally exhausted watching their loved one struggle with swallowing and routine oral functions we tend to take for granted. Speech therapy activities improve the quality of life. Stroke victims and others with oral impairments often find speaking, swallowing and chewing are difficult, even embarrassing. Proper therapeutic remedies can help restore a patient’s ability to help themselves.

Speech, vocal and throat disorders compound an already difficult diagnosis of autism, cerebral palsy, dyslexia or hearing loss compound.

A thorough evaluation will identify correctable issues and constructive ways to adapt to irreversible situations.

Speech therapists from Ariel Amana Healthcare guide caregivers to better understand the abilities of the patient.

Talk to one of our capable staff to learn what speech therapy can do for your family. We’ll guide you through our highly specialized services to bring you the highest degree of comfort and communication possible.

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