Ariel Amana Healthcare, Inc.

Ariel Amana offers several therapeutic remedies:

Physical Therapy

Recovering from an injury may require regular assessments of a patient’s progress. A physical therapist will be able to determine the ability to walk or need for assisting devices depending on one’s functional strength, endurance and safety issues. Disability or mobility challenges may also present reasons for a physical therapist’s assistance in recovery.

Ariel Amana’s physical therapists will provide the treatment necessary for improvement after surgery, spinal or orthopedic injuries, stroke or even cardiac problems. Read more …

Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy addresses areas such as decreased functional strength, decreased coordination, poor balance, and/or an inability to reach or bend. Activities of Daily Living, or ADLs, should be regularly monitored for the highest level of patient safety in the home – identifying any challenges that might prevent independence. Learn more …

Speech Therapy

Speech improvement necessary due to stroke, disease, accidents or developmental delays may be possible with a speech therapist from Ariel Amana Healthcare. Swallowing or voice disorders can also be addressed through speech therapy, as well as hearing loss or stuttering. Contact us to learn how we can help you or your loved one recover or improve from a wide range of disorders and regain as much function as possible. Read more …

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Mission Statement

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